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I know there is a lot of pressure to save money and stay within tight budgets. If you give us a chance, we can help you. I am writing to let you know about a new asset. We just bought a new Avid Symphony Nitris ( and Sony HDCAM CineAlta deck. So now we can edit your HD and film projects - offline and online finishing. * I can offline on my own home system for even more savings for you.

Because we are located in Phoenix, Arizona, you can save considerable money while getting the same or even better quality compared to LA or New York. With our low cost of living, our top rate is only $250 per hour - that includes a great editor and the HDCAM deck.

You can learn more just call me. I am the senior editor and would like to discuss your high-end post needs, as well as to introduce myself and my work.

I am eager to begin working with you & your company. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it easier to say yes and to make your job easier.

We are happy to work out any arrangement or deal to make you comfortable in giving us a try. I am confident we can do better & more innovative work with a lower rate than your other editors and production companies.

Consider working with me on your next project.

Sincerely, Kyle Schmierer - senior editor

PH: 602-218-5057

Kyle Schmierer ? Non Linear EDITOR

Metro Post Editor various corporate/commercial projects
Amadin Editor Vegetarian House ? Restaurant Promotion DVD/Web
Amadin Editor Apprentice Profile ? Eric Luster
Wordnet Inc. Editor Smokey MT. ? Philippines, 2 half hr. Natl. Broadcast documen