The Bouhler Haus

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"The Bouhler Haus," takes place during the 1930's and 40's in Germany.
HELEN, a beautiful Charlize Theron look-a-like actress, marries PHILLIPP BOUHLER, a member of the Nazi Party, in nineteen thirtytwo. She knows only that he is an author, who wrote a successful biography of Napoleon.

In the beginning, Helen is fashionable and ambitious, urging her husband to advance in the party. Phillipp takes on the job of censuring books and plays. When his work impacts a play that Helen is in, she sees a different side of his personality. At a Berlin soiree, Helen coyly suggests to Hitler that Phillipp would better serve in another position.

Helen is unaware that her husband becomes the mastermind behind the euthanasia program, beginning in the late thirties. Bouhler's reasoning is to save the German government money by killing physically and mentally handicapped German citizens, receiving state aid, beginning with children. The killing goes on with little or no uproar from the public. Those who oppose, as well as political dissenters, soon disappear.

When Helen becomes aware of Phillipp's role in the beginning of the holocaust, confusion, guilt and depression take over until she feels compelled to do something morally right. She is instrumental in saving Jewish friends at her own peril. During the allied bombing, Helen rescues orphans from the war-torn cities and keeps them at the Bouhler Haus Chalet in the Alps where much of the action takes place.