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  • Norman C. Berns

ReelGrok is the premier website delivering the resources filmmakers need to do their work - files, links, resources, jobs, blogs, events, mentors, discounted software and the industry's best collection of resumes, reels, sample budgeting and online training.

It's exactly the right place to post resumes and reels, audio and stills, read blogs, post jobs, find work or buy and sell film equipment. . The entire site is based on a massive search engine, so finding whatever you need has never been easier. Every bit of information, from reels to still and resumes - everything - is fully indexed and regularly promoted to ad agencies, producers, directors and agents.

The site also includes hundreds of fully indexed industry files and forms, from film budgets to releases, from how-to information written by industry experts to in-depth product reviews. Now featuring a complete set of online filmmaking seminars, providing training from budgeting to creating business plans.

Finding the tools you need to do your work or finding the work you need has never been easier.