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  • Ghettogloss
    2380 Glendale Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Ghettogloss is an art mecca in Silverlake.
Ghettogloss opened it's doors in 2002 to rent art for feature films, television, and commercials.
Adding on a gallery showcasing the hottest L.A. based artists, Ghettogloss had it's first big art exhibit
featuring the original art of Dogtown opening along side the Dogtown movie.
Building a skate ramp in the Ghettogloss parking lot for the likes of Tony Alva, their first opening was huge.
Showing the art of Benicio del Toro and Tommy Chong, along with emerging artists, Ghettogloss
has been known as the hottest new gallery in Silverlake.

Now that Ghettogloss has added on a boutique, the who's who of Hollywood is constantly
popping in to find a great gift or just to buy something for themselves.
With an onslaught of celebrities popping in to see what is cool,
Ghettogloss has become known as the place to shop in Silverlake
featuring high end couture by designers like Flopi and Yoanna Baraschi to one of kind
handmade art products, as well as jewelry and accessories by Spoonfed and Tiny Armour..

Ghettogloss is known amongst many as the best Graffiti gallery in Los Angeles.
The Ghettogloss bathroom is famous for it, as the walls are covered ceiling to floor with the
tags of many famous street artists as well as young budding graffiti kids.
With the coolest urban setting and a street credibility to match,
Ghettogloss has supported and given the first shows to many famous graffiti artists --
including the biggest and most infamous Graffiti collective in the world, known as The Seventh Letter.