Joe J Thomas: Accents, Characters and Impressions

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    Phone: 323/333-3462

Joe has a wide variety of dialects, characters and impressions available. His has voiced Video Games, Commercials, Industirals, Cartoons, and performed in many other media venues. A long history of stage and improv work rounds his diverse capabilities.

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Coming soon: new Cartoons, Video Games, Commercials and more!

Recent Projects Include:

Diablo III (video game) [King Leoric aka The Skeleton King]
Heaven's Shadow (audio book) [Narrator]
World of Warcraft: Lich King (video game) [Arcurion, Loken, Krik'thir]
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (video game) [Lex Luthor, Shazam]
L.A. Philharmonic (radio) [singer]
Sim Animals (video game) [various animals]
MGM Grand at Foxwoods (tv + radio) [Anncr]
Tales of Vesperia (video game) [Raven]
Little Caesars Pizza (tv spots) [British Rock Star]
Taos Ski Resort (radio and web) [Swiss accent]
Iron and the Maiden (cartoon) [NYC accent]
HBO Labs (podcast) [Alec Baldwin impression]
Exxon/Mobile Training (industrial) [British accent]
Archie McPhee (toy voice) [Yodeling]
Toyota (industrial) [British accent]
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (video game) [Namor]
Microsoft ADA Spot (industrial) [Russian teen voices]
Friendly's Ice Cream (radio commercials) [40's Announcer]
Surviving the 21st Century (movie) [Multiple characters]