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You've finished your script. You've done the tough creative work and written a fantastic story complete with a unique premise, crisp dialogue, dynamic characters, and escalating dramatic conflict. You can't wait to send it out. You want the world to read your script - your masterpiece. DON'T.

You only get one shot at impressing a producer.

Now is the time to put the pen down and step back - because in truth, excellent writing is about rewriting. And it's time to let a professional script consultant give you and your story the script analysis you need to have a clear understanding of the story as a whole. Is the story structure relevant, strong and consistent? Are the characters believable, complex and compelling? Is your dramatic tension impactful with ever-rising arcs? Professional writers and producers work with script consultants every day to ask and get these important questions answered. I know because that's who I work with.

For the last fifteen years, whether as a script consultant doing script analysis or as an assistant director, I have worked with some of the most talented writers, directors, and actors creating films and television series - like the award-winning, low budget film "Unnatural and Accidental" or larger budget movies like "Fantastic Four", and Chris Columbus' new film "I Love you Beth Cooper". I've worked for Fox Studios, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, and I've worked for the little local producer/writer who has a small office in a warehouse studio space.

I don't just do script analysis - I take scripts and make them into films.

My experience is unique because I'm in the room working on the rewrite with the writer and director, and then I take the script on to set and make it come to life. I understand what kind of scripts producers are looking for - well written! And I know how to solve the story problems when the script isn't working for them.

So whether you're a professional writer who needs a fresh perspective, or a new writer creating your first story, let me use my extensive, hands-on experience as a script consultant to help enhance your script ? your unique vision of a GOOD STORY TOLD WELL.