Shot by Shot and Cinematic Motion --- two great books for sale

  • Arif Hoque

I have two books I don't need any more. Perfect condition.

Film Directing: Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen (Michael Wiese Productions) Review
Film Directing Shot by Shot offers a good introduction to the rudiments of film production. Steven D. Katz walks his readers through the various stages of moviemaking, advising them at every turn to visualize the films they wish to produce. Katz believes that one of the chief tasks of filmmaking is to negotiate between our three-dimensional reality and the two-dimensionality of the screen. He covers the number of technical options filmmakers can use to create a satisfying flow of shots, a continuity that will make sense to viewers and aptly tell the film's story. Katz provides in-depth coverage of production design, storyboarding, spatial connections, editing, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles, point of view, and the various types of stable compositions and moving camera shots.

Film Directing: Cinematic Motion, Second Edition Review
A sequel to Steven Katz's Film Directing Shot by Shot, this book tackles specific problems of staging cinematic scenes. How should directors shoot scenes in confined spaces, such as small rooms or the interior of a car, in large open spaces, or with a number of characters involved in busy dialogue? As in his previous book, Katz addresses these problems by storyboarding hypothetical scenes for the camera, laying out a drawing of each shot in the sequence for readers to study. As a bonus, the book is peppered with interviews about creating shot sequences that Katz conducted with a number of professional filmmakers, including Allen Daviau, Ralph Singleton, and John Sayles.