FREE Lights! Camera! Tracking! Live Seminars for Performers

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Lights! Camera! Tracking! The FREE Seminar for Performers

Your business in The Business is riddled with information you absolutely NEED to log & track! Improve the success of your Submission, Audition and Callback results and strategize to turn them into Bookings! In an Industry where great first impressions are vital and maintaining them is paramount we invite you to attend this seminar to learn:

Valuable tips n' hints for tracking day-to-day performing details - from the first Audition, through the Callback process and ultimately the details you MUST track when you Book a job, are on the set and beyond!

*How to realize valuable trends in your career and expedite your learning curve.
*Why and how you should maintain good records of the Industry contacts you make from Casting Directors to Coaches and all the way through to the Executive Producers.
*What are "Follow-Ups" and why are they vital to your business!
*"Know Before You Go" - Know what to do before you head out the door for an audition and meet the Casting Director and others involved in the project.
*How to manage your Income & Expenses so you can greatly benefit come tax-time!
*Learn how to utilize and strategize your valuable information so you can maximize your potential as working performer!
*Performer safety tips and how to spot the "red-flags".
*"Reverse Networking" in order to have others assist you with your career ambitions!
*How to ensure you get a copy of your work when performing on a "Copy, Credit and Meal Provided" job.
*And much, much more!

Information at this multi-media seminar is given through a visual walk-through tour of PerformerTrack, the Industry's most used application designed specifically for performers.

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