The Hollywood Nexus: Resources, Community and Connections for Hollywood Professionals


The Hollywood Nexus is a service of ADIO Turning Point, Inc. Based in Los Angeles, ADIO Turning Point provides networking and technology-based solutions to Hollywood professionals, enabling communications and connections.

In addition to The Hollywood Nexus, ADIO Turning Point also operates the Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest.

The goal of the Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest is to bridge the gap between screenwriters and entertainment industry professionals, including agents, producers, and other individuals capable of forwarding a screenwriter's career.

Entries in the Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest are judged by industry professionals with a minimum of 10 years full time experience writing or doctoring scripts or producing films. Although at this time we do not disclose the names of individuals on our judging panel, we are confident that our entrants would be very pleased with the backgrounds and expertise of our judges.

Now in our 6th year, our various forms of marketing (including print advertising, direct mail, email, and in person communications) grow in volume and effectiveness each year.

We're grateful to all of our participants in the first five years of the contest who have helped make the Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest a success!

Comments and feedback on the contest are always welcome, and can be directed to our general inbox

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