Indie Film Spotlight

  • TC Kirkham, Webmaster

    (617) 326-7446

    Larry Richman, senior reporter

IndieFilmSpotlight ( launched in Feburary 08 as a new arm of PNR Networks (launched in December 2005 ) with an emphasis on indie films and filmmakers.

Our manifesto is that we here at IFS love movies, and we want people to find that same love. We want people to see the movies we like and share their opinions, even though they might totally disagree with us. We don't want people to just SEE a movie, but to EXPERIENCE it a swell.

It is our goal at IFS to encourage the growth of the film industry by the following methods:

1. To promote the discussion of the film industry as a whole
2. To offer up meaningful film criticism from a personal perspective
3. To connect filmmakers and fans world wide
4. To bring attention to smaller and independently made films and help boost public awareness and interest in such projects
5. To work with film companies to offer film fans news and information on upcoming theatrical and DVD releases

Working together with fans and filmmakers, IFS intends to further the interaction, and help the movie business connect with the people who love it so much.