Film Reviewer (2009-Present) ? Cinemalogue web site (www.cinemalogue.com)
?Go to weekly advanced screenings of upcoming films in the Dallas area, and write reviews which are posted on the web site.
?Have to meet deadlines by writing each article overnight, with a specific style in terms of the characters and story of the film.
?Work closely with the owner of the web site, and have to be detail-orientated.

Data Collection Specialist (2007-2008) ? DSS Research, Fort Worth, Texas
?Conducted telephone interviews to collect data about health and well-being, insurance, background and earnings.
?Worked in a fast-paced environment, using over ten different computer programs use to question customers, changing programs every few minutes.
?Often worked overtime (up to twelve hour shifts sometimes) in order to productively produce results.

Clerical/Administrative Assistant (2006-2007) ? Greyhound, Dallas, Texas
?Provided fact-checking and route information to customers.

Editor (2005-2006) - Dockery House Publishing, Dallas, Texas
?Edited Eyes on Entertainment, a full-color publication that focused on the behind-the-scenes of lives of Hollywood
stars. Interviewed actor Danny Glover, director Roger Donaldson ("The World's Fastest Indian", a film starring actor Anthony Hopkins) and wrote articles on Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe.
?Hired freelance writers and film critics to write articles per house style.
?Researched films in production, film festivals and travel suggestions for families around the U.S. (hotels, unknown towns or villages, fun places to visit, historical sites and restaurants). All of the work that was produced at Dockery House Publishing was created around tight deadlines, changes in tasks every week and handling numerous projects at once.
?Initiated weekly meetings to discuss story ideas and magazine layout.

Copywriter/Advertising Executive - 2003-2004 - Park Cities News, Dallas, Texas