Get a great screenwriting partner and you keep all the money and credit yourself


Writing teams are hugely popular in Hollywood these days and for good reason. A fresh set of eyes can often identify some of the thorny issues and elevate your own good work.

I will (briefly) become your writing partner; your screenplay may get 100% better, and yet still be 100% yours. A book or magazine editor will often drastically improve their writer’s work and yet take no credit for it. Why aren’t there such things for screenwriters?

Of course, there are producers and agents, etc., who make suggestions but what if you don’t have one yet, or don’t want them to read your script until it is at its best?

For a very reasonable, negotiated fee, I will punch up dialogue, strip scene description to its essentials, streamline the structure, suggest or add clever and seamless transitions, flesh out or refine characters, and dramatically improve your original work across the board.

And the amazing thing is, it will still be all yours. Just way better. I will also proofread for errors, and offer expert advice on how to make your script more dynamic.

I’ve helped hundreds of friends, fellow screenwriters, agents, producers, production companies and amateurs with just a great idea on their scripts. A friend recently said, “Why don’t you do this for anyone?” So I am. You take the best and leave the rest.

Your script or pilot will read immeasurably better and greatly increase your chance for sale or representation. It’s still 100% your script and vision. I don't need credit. You may contact other writers I recently helped and ask them anything about what I did for them.

Contact me here or call 323.236.8129. We can exchange emails, IMs, and/or speak on the phone and I will tell you how it works. You can get it back quick if need be and I am available.