Robert Jisa - Film Scoring

  • Skype: Robonson

Award-winning composer Robert Jisa has scored films ranging from the family-oriented Once Upon An Island-Aldabra 3D and Snow Dragon to darker films like Phantom, Echoes Of Time and The Escort.

Robert recently won the 2014 Outstanding Music Composition Between Genres Award for the Illumination Voices 3D. Other awards include Golden Award - International Movie Awards 2014 (for Echoes Of Time)
The Castell Award - Barcelona Film Festival, Spain 2014 (for Echoes Of Time)
Special Jury Award - Houston Internation Film Festival “Worldfest” 2014 (for Echoes Of Time)
Award Of Merit - Jakarta - World Film Awards 2014 (for Echoes Of Time)
1st Price - IFF Tachov 2013 (for Farář)
The Best Film - IFF Envirofilm 2010 (for Last Hunters)
The Audience Award - IFF Ekofilm 2010 (for Last Hunters)
Grand Prix - IFF Poprad 2010 (for Last Hunters) and many more.

Robert Jisa started his music career at age seven, he was required to learn piano.
He studied Jezek Conservatory in Prague.

After finishing the conservatory Robert came to the U.S. to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in film scoring. During the subsequent years in Boston and New York he wrote music for many films and CDs. Robert is known for his innovative use of instruments and sounds to create music. An example of this technique is Ema Kugler's experimental movie Echoes Of Time, where he used the rubbing of a gong to generate an edgy, metallic sound simulating the chaos in the main character's mind. When the phantom appears, Jisa uses a sampled Tibetan mountain pipe played two octaves below its original range giving it an unsettling kind of growl. This technique created the “instruments” with which he delivered thematic ideas.

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