Cyber Security and Intelligence Consulting

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I have been a cyber security consultant for the last 15 years. I specialize in getting hackers off of networks and dealing with massive malware oubreaks (like what hit Target, Home Depot, and Sony). I can speak to hacking methodology, security technology, network technology, and just about anything computer related (such as things you saw in Swordfish, Firewall, Live Free or Die Hard, or Mr. Robot). I did digital forensics in support of criminal cases for the FBI (the computer side of what you see in CSI or NCIS).
Prior to and in conjunction with that, I spent 14 years in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst. I can speak to intelligence tradecraft around collection or analysis, tools used, how adversaries think and operate, how terrorists operate, and related topics (things you saw in Clear and Present Danger, Spy Game, or 0-Dark Thirty).

I can help if you need:
- research - if you need to better understand a cyber or intel topic, I can help research it with you.
- script consulting - if you need help tuning a scene or dialog to make it more technically accurate, I can help ensure tools and vocab get used properly.
- props - if you need help finding set dressing or props related to cyber, intel, or military items, I can help identify what you need and source where to find it.
- costumes - if you need ensuring military uniforms are accurately portrayed, I can help source and setup the uniforms.
- training - if you need actors taught how to handle certain props, move, or talk more like a hacker, intelligence officer, or military personnel, I can help coach them.
- general advice or consulting - or if you need anything else that is related but not mentioned already, contact me and I'll let you know if I can help.

Depending on the level of effort and time needed, I can support requests for free. If you need me for extended periods or on location, I will work with you to stay within your budget.

Christopher Taylor