Tanner Conant, 2nd AC, Camera Assistant

  • Santa Clarita, CA
    Cell: (661) 231-5234
    Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanner-conant-785605ba/

• 1 year of Production Assistant experience on big budget TV, feature, commercial, music video, and short film sets
• Slated, set T marks, coiled BnC cable, and assisted the camera department as a 2nd AC
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Exceptional at collaborating with other various personalities
• Experience editing footage in iMovie on a Mac Book Pro
• Ability to use a Canon T5i, Nikon D80, Panasonic GH4, IPhone 7, Lightdow LD6000 GoPro, and a FiLMiC Pro IPhone app
Camera Assistance
• Operate cameras to record scenes appealing to the eye
• Compose and frame each shot, applying the technical aspects of light, lenses, film, filters, and camera settings to achieve the effects sought by preference.
• Adjust positions and controls of camera to change focus, exposure, and lighting.
• Collaborate with classmates, discuss assignments and determine filming sequences, desired effects, camera movements, and lighting requirements.
• Currently a volunteer LAFD Fire Photographer who photographs community events of the LAFD throughout Los Angeles.
•Slated, set T marks, and assisted the camera department for a feature film as a 2nd AC
Production Assistance
• Regulate people in large group situations
• Provide excellent guest service
• Initiate interaction and handle interactions such as questions, complaints, and requests for assistance
• Maintain area atmosphere by communicating on a radio
• Communicate on a walkie-talkie with film industry radio lingo
• Initiate lockdowns before the cameras are rolling
• Ensure the set is clean and organized
• Perform various tasks in a fast and efficient manner
• Set-up and breakdown production sets
• Can operate golf carts in safe manner
• Obtained a driver’s license in November of 2016
• Athletically fit to run distance
• Resourceful by providing pens, gaff tape, and other on hand materials needed while on set