Cary Reichbach, Co-founder of Grey Team, US Army Veteran


Building and implementing solutions for U.S. military veterans to reduce and prevent PTSD related suicides.

About Us

Grey Team is a 501 (c)3 non-profit established in November of 2016 to help reduce and eliminate PTSD related veteran suicides.

Our mission is to save veterans lives. As suicide rates among returning US military veterans continue to rise, the statistics now show that it is six times more dangerous for an American soldier to return home from war than it is for him/her to actively be engaged in combat with the enemies of our country. Grey Team uses a combination of holistic healing technologies as well as reinstating a purpose and passion for life, to completely redefine what it means to be a US military veteran.

Our strategies include:
-- Individual custom assessment
-- Providing one-on-one personal fitness training sessions
-- Personalized nutritional plans and counseling
-- Research and development into PTSD reduction
-- Holistic recovery sessions utilizing the latest technologies
-- Ongoing mentoring

Over the years, Grey Team “formerly Trainerspace Foundation”, has helped hundreds of veterans regain a sense of self and develop life-long skills to further contribute to our country.
Our Vision
We envision an America where our veterans receive the care they deserve.
We see an America where a veteran can find peace, passion, and fulfillment after their service.
We see a future where a veteran can not only support themselves, their families, but also their community.
And that the community, businesses, schools/universities, and individuals, support the veterans in return for their sacrifice.
Our Vision Starts With You!
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