California City studios Back lots and standing sets / location


California City Studios is one of the best studios in the world for expolsive action sceens. We have many standing sets including our new Iraqi village. If you have to blow it up. Jump
from it. or burn it down California City Studios should be your first choice.

We have: An Iraqi villiage, western Town, Biblical City, Mexican market and pesent villiage, boarder crossing, coffee house, Sixties Dinner. oil rig. wooden water tank, house and interiors. decks. moutain views, 30 foot fire pit. and lots of desert.

We offer: Complete production trailer with 2 bathroom and showers, production office, Make up room, full kitchen, 400 amps of power, barbeque area, Picknic tables. lots of chairs, craft service tables. 4 golf cars for each production crew. All included in the day rate.