Crystal Pyramid Productions

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Award winning Crystal Pyramid Productions shoots productions for Fortune 500 corporations and broadcast producers since 1981.
Current clients include the EXTRA, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment, VA, UPS, Prudential, JestaRx,Starwood,WebMD, etc. . Patty Mooney and Mark Schulze have won many international awards.Call 24/7 619-644-3000.
Video production services here in Southern California. We are here to help in any way we can . We have been shooting, producing and editing since 1981 and are well versed on ENG and especially EFP ( Candids and convention videos,etc. ) . Our crews (Producers ,TDs, DPs / camera operators, editors, audio technicians, grips, etc.) have a least 25+ years experience and can go out with or without equipment, which includes several HD packages (other formats/cameras also available) and three mobile Avid /Adobe HD editing systems. Here's a link to our Equipment List:
We have a lot of special video production equipment including a Teleprompter with a 17" flat-panel monitor (both for on-camera and on-stand operation).Our Teleprompter operators have years of experience with both, and are competitively priced. Also we have great DPs with years of experience and can set up in a "flash".
And our latest press is here:
Also, we've got our Production demo reel, Candids demo reel, Stock footage demo reel and full shows here:
We've been in the video production biz since 1981, so we have a substantial satisfied Client List. Call NOW ! 619-644-3000!