Michel Sturiale, acoustic atmosphere developer, sound cast producer, publisher.

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• spaces created by emotions.
Feeling comfortable in an environment or not is a decision of an instant and made completely subconscious.
Visual input, a pleasant scent and last but not least the right background sound enhances our mood and transforms a room into a space of well-being.

With sophisticated technology sonicsense brings the right sound into your business premises and helps your to create a suitable atmosphere in your stores, workout zones and relaxation areas.

Simple easy listening or elevator music is not our agent of choice. We mean to actively inspire your customer's disposition to purchase. Controlling your acoustic environment is the key to master a room's atmosphere.

Marketing is the art of triggering the right mood in someone. To sell also means to seduce the customer. Sound and visuals that are specifically targeting your audience are a quantum leap to your marketing efforts.

Affect your customer's tendency to stay, increase his disposition to buy and his desire to return. Transfer it through his senses, because it is the emotion that leads him. You will notice a positive effect on your staff as well.

Make a connection. Long-lasting consumer acceptance is controlled fully automated with sonicsense. Your innovative multimedia service will entertain your customers and enhance their well-being.

Touch your customer's emotions with sonicsence.