Dawn Mattocks, Hair and Makeup

  • Los Angeles, California



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My name is Dawn Mattocks, and I do makeup and hair.

Feel free, to contact me for personal references or clarification regarding my experience and educational background. Over the years, I have worked with Atomik Pictures, RSA, HSI, Furline, and Brandman Productions in both film and commercial work.

Having lengthy experience in the art of classic beauty, character makeup, wig styling, period pieces, and hair styling for men and women has made it easier for me to work in both film, and video. Perhaps, you could be kind enough to pass along my information, on to your Line Producer or to your Production Supervisor, so that I may be considered for your next project..

If you would like, I could also, drop off my portfolio or reel to your office so your producers and directors can review my work.

Here is an attachment to view my reels:
http:// www.dawnmattocks.com

Lastly, I am often capable of getting product sponsorship in advance, to assist in the overall look for our cast if needed. I have even dabbled with wardrobe over the years and have had a great alliance with other stylists.

Warmest regards, to all and thank you, for being my guest on this site ?