Somewhere Near You


TITLE: Somewhere Near You
GENRE: Drama/Thriller
WRITER: Matias Basso

LOGLINE : A young man gets ready for a suicide terrorist attack in Central London. On the way to his target, loaded with semtex, he bumps into his best childhood friend.


HABIB, 20, is called upon to carry out a suicide terrorist mission a week earlier than expected. He's a bit shaken and the guys that are preparing him decide to put a hidden timer on his explosive vest. A countdown begins from this point onwards.

When HABIB approaches his target, a busy tube station, he bumps into OMAR, his dear childhood friend, from Glasgow. They haven't seen eachother in years and have now met far from home, so OMAR wants to catch up. HABIB refuses politely, OMAR insists and they struggle a bit in jest. HABIB is trying to get away when two POLICEMEN notice them and approach, leaving HABIB no choice but to enter a caf? with OMAR.

Inside, OMAR enquires about some common friends, he has been concerned about them because they were getting involved in dubious activities in Afghanistan. Soon enough they get onto the subject of terrorism and their diametrically opposed views are painfully revealed. HABIB, shocked with OMAR's squarely anti-terrorist position, becomes extremely nervous. But OMAR, sensing HABIB's uncertain stand, centres on the subject and hits him with all he's got. When HABIB has had enough and springs up to leave, OMAR gets up and hugs him, feeling the loaded vest under his jacket . . .